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Vera's Dance News

where am I?

under + over + around

Dear dancers!

The flowers explode, their bewitching scent makes the bees drunk - messengers of love of the longing flowers
- - > > > and we dance, dance ...

 All this is coming up:  

'Break the Chain'
all-ability Chroeo by Aiko Kazuko  
for AÖF and Ninlil at their meeting on 23 May 
if you still want to dance, please come to the rehersal on 20.5.

Climate camp Wolkersdorf on 30 May
Morning craft-studio with Cosima Baum
Afternoon dance workshop with Christa Sarcletti and Vera
Intervention in the public space - SlowForward is also there
- barrier-free arrival with ÖBB - 

'6 times 5'
Trainings with Franz Sramek (SlowForward)
to groove into the ultimate slowness, it's got something!
Performance in July at Kaleidoskop.
You can still get into the trainings.

Jattle, BAM + Poetry
in the turquoise pink purple villa
on 12 June 

'barrierfree 2.0' 
we celebrate accessibility wherever we meet it!
At the moment we are rehearsing around and in the church St. Elisabeth.

DanceAbility-Workshops until 21 June every Friday from 5 to 7 pm
Dance Studio 1150 Vienna, Neubaugürtel 7-9

In summer DanceAbility at the ImPulsTanz-Festival
from 29 July to 2 August from 10-12.30 h in the Arsenal

And I?
I am on the road with Doris Uhlich and the super performers* from Everybody Electric
- who can guess from the photo above where we are performing today???
(solution in the next newsletter)

Love you - I'm looking forward to dance together
la PrimaVera
Vera's dance news January '19


last update: 23.05.2019