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finding ground in the fog

dancelab with Jurij Konjar

November 23rd to 26th

Just survival is not enough. In order to grow, it's important to keep finding the right questions.
But also, to have some answers to lean on. In these stormy, foggy times - how can we keep re-building ourselves a ground to stand on?
Something certain, something positive... something inside of us to push from? A base, from which to connect with others...
We'll study this in the studio, through dance and improvisation, to later apply it to the wide wild life. We'll focus on centering, survival,
communication, being available, sensing, and quality-of-being. What gives me strength? Can I be supported by the space around me?
By what I’m good at? By my daily repetitions, rituals and routines... so much like breathing, rocking, walking, the heartbeat?
How not to resent routines, but learn to love them? Can we name, and exchange strategies? Do we dare to share?

The fog softens the shapes, in so doing, simplifying the world. One hears better in the fog, the imagination comes alive... and so does the fear.
It's important to carry one’s own sunshine inside. Perhaps in the shape of dance, music, and song... or some other truth. A ground to stand on.
Or, as D.A. would say, it's important to know where one's towel is. The workshop is open to anyone willing to actively participate in it.

the dancelab will be held in english language
if you need sign language interprester please let us know

Jurij Konjar was born in Ljubljana in ’78. He trained Judo and practiced singing from an early age, then began dancing with ballroom competitions.
In 2007 he suffered a head injury that shifted his focus towards the potential hiding in the present moment. Soon after, an in-depth observation of
Steve Paxton’s Goldberg Variations video triggered what is now an ongoing improvisation and performance practice. Collaborating with Steve Paxton,
he has performed Paxton’s work Bound, Flat and Quicksand, has staged his group piece Satisfyin’ Lover, and keeps performing their joint solo
Goldberg Variations. He continues finding inspiration in the work and perspectives of Lisa Nelson. He creates and tours his own work internationally,
teaches improvisation and contact improvisation worldwide. He keeps developing Habitat - a temporary, nomadic working space.

More on www.jurijkonjar.com

limited admission
registration: rosner@mad-dance.at
costs: donate according to your resources

Wednesday, 23. November Grätzlmixer 5 to 8 pm  
Thursday, 24. November Gratzlmixer 4 to 8 pm  
Friday, 25. November Tanzquartier 11 to 2 pm and 3 to 5 pm
Saturday, 26. November Tanzquartier 11 to 2pm 3 to 5 pm open jam

Grätzlmixer at Bloch-Bauer-Promenade 28, 1100 Vienna
Tanzquartier at Museumsplatz 1, 1070 Vienna

last update: 10.11.2022