DanceAbility Teacher Certification at ImPulsTanz

DanceAbility Teacher Certification
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KulturMontag - Mit Tanz Barrieren überwinden from Vera Rosner on Vimeo.


STÈVE SWAYING Jattle, BAM & poetry 

Partner: MAD Coproductions Vienna

next workshop:

Friday, March 23th
5.00 to 7.00 pm
1150 Wien, Neubaugürtel 7-9 
with Monika Bischof

afterwards to the jam at WuK! 

how do I become a dance-buddy?  


Steve Paxton about DanceAbility ... in facebook
Our principles are:
  • mixed-ability and accsess for all
  • participation
  • mutual respect
  • sharing creativity, beautiness, art and poetry
  • communication (trough movement)
DanceAbility USA:
DanceAbility International - Alito Alessi

DanceAbility in Österreich:
DanceAbiliy Tirol
DanceAbility Finland
DanceAbility Waldviertel
DanceAbility Oberösterreich

If you can breathe, you also can dance

DanceAbility - Carina und Vera
photo: © Georg Nógel
DanceAbility is a way to dance, that is open for everyone - for experienced or less experienced dancers, for people with or without disabilities.

In workshops, we use improvisation, in order to experience equality and respect between people with and without special needs. In our artistic research, we want to discoverthings that connect us.

The aim of the workshops is, to let people develope their own body-language and follow their own interests and desires, to trust their intuition and find their own space.

DanceAbility brings people together - with all their differences and different stories. They dance, they have fun, they unroll their artistic selves and find a common body-language.

Art doesnt come from the outside - it grows within. It is the experience of what happens inside us, and then - the ability to find a language for it.

Every single body-language has its own inner beauty, and therefore it plays a very valuable and appreciated role within our work.
we thank our supporters:

Albert Schweitzer HausWien Kultur  Kultur im AlsergrundMatzka Rehatechnik
Regina Erben-Hartig Bezirksvorstehung Wien-Neubau Ralph Pariasek 

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